What if once in awhile I can't make it on my designated pick up day?
Give a quick call or email to Elizabeth and let her know when you will be coming instead. Note that the vegetables will only be available on Tuesday or Friday between 2-7 pm. We don't call people back in these instances. We WANT you to get your vegetables, and we try to be as flexible as possible.

What if I want to change to a different day?
We encourage members to stick to their Friday or Tuesday pick up day. If, however, you need to change your day mid-season or for a limited time during the season, just give a quick call or email to let us know. Again, we WANT you to get your vegetables and try to be as flexible as possible.

What if I forget to pick up one day?
We do harvest for a specific number of people on Tuesday and Friday. If many people forget to show up on Tuesday, for example, and show up on Friday it can mean we run out of food on Friday night. Please try to come on your designated day or send someone in your place. If you forget on Tuesday, the food will still be available until 7:00 on Wednesday morning. We then pack everything up for the People's Pantry in Great Barrington or save some for Friday. If you forget on Friday, the produce remains in the barn until 10:00 am the next morning.

Can someone else pick up my share for me?
We encourage members to send someone else to get their vegetables if they are unable, especially if they are on vacation. Please make sure that those who will be coming in your stead are sure of pick up times and days!! We are not a farm stand.

Can I bring my dog to the farm?
We don't encourage folks to bring their dogs to the farm, but it is certainly an option. Dogs are not allowed in the pick up room. Dogs must remain on a leash at all times. And of course, please pick up after your dog.

When do I get to pick flowers? And how much do I get to pick?
The flowers are ready for cutting generally by July 1st. We will notify members via email or signs in the barn when they are available. At the beginning, members are usually allowed about 10 stems and then for the remainder of the season about 25 stems. If you choose to select large sunflowers be respectful of other members and perhaps cut fewer.

When are payments due for the share?
We require a $100 deposit when you send in your Commitment Form. The balance can be paid in full at this time or can be split into three payments due April 1st, May 1st and June 1st.

If I have the Flower Share only, when do I get to pick flowers and how much?

The cutting flowers are usually ready by July 1st. We will notify members via email or signs in the barn when they are available. At the beginning, members are usually allowed about 10 stems and then for the remainder of the season about 25 stems. If you choose to select large sunflowers, be respectful of other members and cut fewer.

Do I have to bring my own bags?
Members must bring their own boxes or bags. We do not purchase large plastic bags, but do provide smaller biodegradable plastic produce bags for those who need them. We will eventually not even do this. We will take and reuse your plastic T-sacks from other stores if you save them for us. We sell Indian Line Farm canvas bags and reusable linen bags for your convenience.

When do the pick your own items become available?
Sugar snap peas-late June/early July
Green Beans—July through September
Cherry Tomatoes-early August through frost
Husk Cherries-August through frost
Tomatillos—August through frost
Flowers—July through frost

How many people can a Regular Share feed?
A Regular Share can feed two adults who really like to eat vegetables or a small family.

Is there a work requirement to be a member at Indian Line Farm?
There is no firm requirement, but we strongly suggest members put in two hours a season. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the farm and farmers. We provide multiple times throughout the season to do this or you can schedule it yourself. For example, every Wednesday from 8-12 we have Weeding Wednesdays and it is a great opportunity to work and meet other members. We also have our Annual Garlic Harvest in late July. As they say, many hands make light work.

How do I keep my Rainbow Salad Mix fresh?
The salad greens are harvested the day of pick up and are extremely fresh. They are rinsed two times in cold water and then spun to drain most of the water. Some water always remains. Your salad should have no problem lasting for at least 7 days when stored in a cold refrigerator. If you are having trouble keeping your greens for this length of time we suggest checking the temperature of your refrigerator and assuring it is cold enough. We also suggest putting a clean paper towel or cloth in the bag to absorb excess moisture that may be on the greens.

Do I need to wash my greens again?

You will notice that all the greens at Indian Line Farm are exceptionally clean. The salad greens (lettuce) are always rinsed two times and then spun dry. In the farmhouse we eat the greens with no further washing. The more traditional cooking greens--kale, chard, mustard greens and spinach are rinsed only one time and drained but not spun dry. We also eat these without further washing, however, we do not promise that you will never find some residual dirt or even small insect. In seasons of high moisture there is a chance of finding a rare slug or snail. When we are aware of this increased possibility, we suggest that you wash your greens at home again.

How do I keep my beets, radishes, kohlrabi and turnips with tops fresh?
Vegetables that we harvest with the tops on should keep 4-6 days in a plastic or mesh produce bag. If you wish to store them longer, we encourage you to remove the tops and eat the greens (or store separately) and you can save the roots in a plastic bag or mesh produce bag.